Sunday, October 23, 2011


Do you want to enrich your English vocabulary in a fun way? Try the game "English Words". Game built by gaming house called divinekids can help increase English vocabulary in a fun and challenging.

 This game consists of several levels that must be passed with the difficulties of its own. There are three types of board games offered in this game, among others: classic blossom, Land of smart Knight, and the wicked land survival.
Each part of the game has a different type of board game. In the classic board game blossom, we will be invited to arrange the letters into a word English, if you managed to meet the criterion score to go to the next stage, then you will immediately move level to a higher level degree. Bonus of the type of board games at this stage is if you compile a sequential or adjacent letters into a word in English, you will get more points than arrange letters into words in the English language distance apart. Which automatically means you will be faster to go up to the next level. In essence, the rules of the game on each type of board game do not differ much. Which is kind of obstacle differentiations contained in the board, for example on the type of board game king land of smart-tower electrical tower there that can generate electricity sting when depressed, so that will make your game over at that time.  The Educational value contained in this game are:
• increase  our English vocabulary
• Increase the speed of thought in arranging letters into English words
do you want to try this game ? follow  link below :

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